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What You Did Not Know about Peyton Manning’s NFL Investigation


The NFL has been for the last seven months been investigating whether Peyton Manning was using human growth hormone (HGH) during his career. On Monday, the National Football League (NFL) released the news that Peyton Manning had been cleared completely. This came after a thorough, self-proclaimed investigation into claims that Manning used HGH that was shipped to his house. While online NFL betting odds are not questionable, their investigative process definitely is.

Peyton Manning’s own crisis manager confirmed that there was HGH shipped to Manning’s home by the Guyer Institute. Despite the confirmation, the NFL came to a conclusion that the drugs were either not meant for Peyton, or the drugs were not Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

It is a no shocker that most people do know how surreptitiously NFL conducts its investigations; also in New England people are still consumed by the DeflateGate outrage. For this reason, a great percentage of people in the Northeast could only wonder what exactly was going on during the investigation. The little publicity given to the one page media release exonerating Manning from an investigation that has been making headlines arises so many questions. This kind of investigations has eroded the faith of people in the investigative process of the NFL.

During the Adam Jones Show, The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin joined and their first headline to discuss was the Manning news; Volin began by asking whether there is anyone out there who still had faith in the current NFL investigative process. Not only had the DeflateGate investigation which has made people question their process, but also with Ray Rice.

Well, though NFL claimed to have done a thorough and comprehensive investigation of Ray Rice, they never saw the video which was eventually released by TMZ. It is therefore probable that, though the NFL investigators did investigate Manning’s, they did don’t dig deep enough due to their close relationship.

According to Volin, the league had pushed out a lot of other news such as Josh Gordon’s reinstatement, new partnership with Sony PlayStation and new penalties for teams which do not follow concussion protocols; this was no co-incidence. Apart from pushing out news, it is clearly evident that the NFL has also dumped a lot of other news.

According to Volin, what the NFL are trying to do is to flood the zone and frankly speaking it was overwhelming how the news that would have made news in the previous months are constantly buried in a small font footnote today.

When Jones commented, he said that the NFL wanted the public to discuss the story and that is why they posted it in the news on an early Monday other than late on Friday. But Volin disagreed and said that it was because the NFL had noted that Friday afternoon news dump front. According to him, this was a move to try to win over the public. This is because they have become sensitive to the notion that they bury the news on a Friday night. This according to Volin, was a crafted plan to save them from the accusation of burying the news.