DC Sports Day

Redskins Playoff Picture


It was exciting to see the Redskins win Saturday night’s game and thereby become the NFC East champions. Such a result was totally unexpected when the season began, which made it even more exciting. With seven wins over the last two seasons, no playoff appearance since 2012, lots of off-field distractions, and question marks at the QB spot, expectations for this season, among even the most hopeful, were low. And let’s be kind and say there was a questionable strategy move by quarterback Kirk Cousins at the end of the first half of during Saturday’s victory over Philadelphia.

Yet here we are–the 8 and 7 Washington Redskins are the NFC East Champion. After enjoying Sunday’s warm weather and reveling in the Redskins’ divisional champion status, one now has to look forward. What are the chances that the unexpected season will continue past the first round of the playoffs? Although we cannot forget that this team only won two games on the road this season, and did not defeat any other club that had a winning record, Washington has won six games over the last nine. Not always pretty victories, but wins just the same.

Those victories have been a team effort, with defensive sacks and the emergence of a reliable receiver in Jordan Reed. But a positive outcome has greatly depended upon the arm and the head of quarterback Kirk Cousins. Despite his mental hiccup at the end of the first half of the game against the Eagles this weekend, Cousins has been an huge bright spot for Washington. And the team’s fortunes changed when he cut his interceptions down over those last nine games.

Okay so the team has confidence in Cousins and he has generally improved his play over the last two months, but is it enough to get through the first round? The honest answer is that Washington probably does not have the talent to win, but the Redskins will be hosting the game against whichever team winds up the top NFC wild card. The contenders at this point are Green Bay, Minnesota or Seattle. To say that none of these three would be an easy opponent for the Redskins, is putting it mildly, but, personally, I am hoping for either Minnesota or Green Bay. Seattle is coming on very strong and is like a steamroller at this point. But the fact is, any team can win on any Sunday–one day, one win at a time.

This has been fun–lets see where there ride takes us.